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Lars and Robyn

Lars and Robyn live on a traditional Transylvanian family farm in Alunisu. Together they have founded Provision, wishing to make the rich local wisdom available, not only to themselves, but to other visitors as well… 

Robyn was born in New York, and has lived all over the United States, gathering degrees in music, music therapy, counseling and yoga. By moving to Transylvania she returns to the land of her ancestors, Hungarian peasants who emigrated to the west.  She is enthusiastic about cultural exchange and the ways that different cultures can learn to accept, relate to and enjoy each others' ideas and traditions. Robyn is in on her way to become a trainer in Non-Violent-Communication (NVC).

Lars was born in a village in the south of The Netherlands. His passion for barnyard animals resulted in a degree in veterinary medicine and his passion for the traditional subsistence lifestyle brought him to Transylvania. Lars is active in the Romanian and European movements for peasant’s rights, food sovereignty and access to land for agroecological farming.


Szilard and Ildiko were born in central Romania, but found their home in the Western Carpathians, attracted by the beauty and wealth of this part of the country. 

As the minister of the Hungarian reformat church of Alunisu (Magyarokereke in Hungarian), Szilard performs an important social function in the community. Besides the spiritual work they take care of their farm and family. Szilard maintains a large orchard and kitchen garden, keeps chickens, pigs and bees, while Ildiko takes care of the household, preserving and preparing food to support her family through the seasons. Every morning, except on Sundays, one will find Szilard producing cheese with local organic milk. 



Douglas escaped the cold rains of Scotland and made a conscious move to Eastern Europe. Together with his partner, Sara, they are true eco-warriors and low-impact-living advocates.  They also set up Tarnat – Kalotaszeg Durabil, a non profit organization which is active in celebrating and preserving traditional life. In addition, they publish an electronic newsletter, the REN (Romanian Environmental Newsletter). 

Douglas and Sara spend their time repairing four traditional houses in the region. They use exclusively natural materials (lime and earth based). Each house comes with land which they garden naturally. Douglas teaches repairing and building with lime and earth.



Antal is Transylvania. His knowledge about the region and local traditional skills is vast. He is a woodcarver and carpenter. The skill of carving was passed on to him by his grandfather, who made him repeat the same traditional carvings over and over again, something he can now do with his eyes closed...  He can build anything, from chairs and doors to barns and stalls and with his carvings he turns ordinary boards into a piece of art. 

Antal teaches at Provision about using traditional handtools, woodcarving and carpentry.


Vlad and Oana

Vlad and Oana are twins born and raised in Alunisu. They are both students at the university in Cluj-Napoca, but spend their summers back home in the village.  Vlad works for Provision as an organizer, guide and translator.  Oana shares her knowledge of traditional cuisine.


We learn by osmosis from the villagers of Alunisu.  Our students will get the chance to meet many of them. We enter their farms, barns, houses, gardens and fields. We work together with them to learn their skills and special techniques that they have learned from their parents and grandparents and which they, in their turn, are happy to pass along. 

This adds the flavor to Provision: a place where cultures can blend together and shared knowledge and effort provide a solid and fertile ground for true sustainability!

 Our wish is to offer visitors a place where they may be  inspired.  We believe that a self sufficient life, is a healthy way of living; for our own body and mind, as well as for the world we live in. 

 Provision is a new school for agroecological living and non-violence, self-sufficiency, self-reliance and sustainability, traditional skills and values, low impact living and simplicity, all in the spectacular natural setting of Alunisu, a small rural village at the foothills of the Carpathians in Transylvania