Robyn & NVC 

Robyn Marie Bors Veraart, NVC consultant


Since completing the process of becoming a certified trainer of NonViolent Communication (NVC) in 2019, Robyn has refreshed her work with individuals, families and organisations now in the role of NVC consultant.  This weaves the thread of her former professional life as Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Music Therapist (M.A. Naropa University, 2000) into new currency in the fabric of her present-life situation. 

Robyn offers

Individual & group sessions 

in person at Provision 

as well as on-line.

Robyn is also a member of the board of the Romanian NVC organisation: “Asociatia pentru Comunicare Nonviolenta” (ACNV) and loves to contribute in all ways possible to growing the NVC community in Romania with care and compassion.  

Her life experiences in 4 countries, 4 languages, 2 continents and 50 years is what she brings to her sessions, now held both face-to-face in Provision’s natural settings as well as online globally.  She offers her skills of facilitation and mediation with the purpose of increasing awareness of all of our familial and collective traumas and helping humanity to heal into and through them.  

Robyn is passionate about helping to create new human systems that will support Restoration and Regeneration and which have the capacity to increase Resilience for all of life.  She engages regularly and enthusiastically with constellation work and sees this as a practice of deep empathy which facilitates emergent understanding that has the potential to bring an ever more conscious relationality to all that lives within and around us.

Besides NVC, Robyn is passionate about sharing music. See here what that brings us:

Robyn offers her sessions through the gift economy and all financial proceeds of her work go to support the mission of Asociatia Provision Transylvania: “To support life-enriching systems and to promote the use of agroecology, nonviolence and creative arts so that the resilience of the whole is increased through linking and collaboration”.

Donations for “NVC consultation” can be made to the RON and/or EURO account of ASOCIATIA PROVISION TRANSYLVANIA

IBAN EURO account: RO17BTRLEURCRT0492346201

IBAN RON account: RO67BTRLRONCRT049234620

For more information please contact Robyn here