Deal with (y)our Shit Workshop, Sept 25 - 29

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How do natural processes ferment, digest and compost?

How does our body and mind ferment, digest and compost?

How does humanity and society ferment, digest and compost?


Join us in a traditional Transylvanian village amongst fruit and nut trees in the foothills of the Carpathians and learn how to turn shit (both literally and figuratively) into compost for new growth. During this practical learning journey we take you through the fascinating logic of soil and body, and explore the lessons they offer for soul and society.

Li An 2

 Li An Phoa is a walking watershed mobiliser. She founded Drinkable Rivers to engage people in watersheds to care for rivers by providing a compass and creating outdoor learning experiences. The past ten years she walked more than fifteen thousand kilometers on five continents. In 2018, she walked from source-to-sea along the river Meuse from France to the North Sea. Li An is trained in whole system ecology, philosophy and business and works as a systems thinker & actor and social innovator cross-pollinating relations among people, disciplines and industries. She is a university lecturer at the Nyenrode Business University. Li An was born in the Meuse-Rhine delta and currently lives in the Rhine watershed. |


Robyn Marie Bors Veraart, born in New York, USA, is a would-be monastic if she felt it was not too much of a luxury choice for her in this day and age.  Instead, she follows the advice of Joanna Macy who says: “The World is our Cloister.” After following a Master’s program in Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University, she worked for a time deep within the bowels of society in a maximum security prison as a psychotherapist.  Now she lives and works with Nonviolence networks both local and global from her small family farm in Transylvania.

Lars 2

Lars Veraart is truly driven to find a way to live in this world that is in line with his values of care for the Earth.  His love of animals large and small brought him through the study of Veterinary Medicine to 15 years work throughout France.  There he saw the degradation of quality of life - for soil, animals as well as people as the farms where he worked were forced to grow bigger and bigger...  His interest in alternative forms of...everything... led him to Transylvania where he, along with his wife Robyn, founded Provision, a family farm and learning center devoted to Agroecology and Nonviolence.  Here he joins a long and distinguished line of doctors who have (re)discovered for themselves the direct line between the health of soil, the health of animals (including humans) and the health of Planet.