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In 2018 we will concentrate at the building of Provision’s infrastructure. Unfortunately this means less time for courses. This construction fase should mean though that in the future we will be able to better host and organize our courses. 

The first 2 weeks of July 2018, we are planning to organise a ‘school house renovation-intensive’ for everyone who wants to contribute in the renovation of Provision's new School/group house.  This is a traditional peasant farm holding that came for sale, just opposite from Provision’s guesthouse. More details will be posted at a later date.


Provision’s new School house

Past Events:

June 16 - 17, 2017

Provision Weekend


July 2 - 12, 2017

10 day Self-Sufficiency and WellBeing Course


May through October 2017

Tailor fit courses

If you are a group of 6 - 10 persons, and have the wish to follow a course (1 to 6 days) at Provision, 

you can contact us to see if we can fulfill this wish.


10 day Self-Sufficiency and WellBeing Course

- Towards the Creation of the More Beautiful World 

our Heart Knows is Possible -

July 2 - 12, 2017


Lars and Robyn together with the villagers of Alunisu.


Lars and Robyn live since 2009 on their small farm, homestead, smallholding in Alunisu and practice an ever-more-self sufficient lifestyle, especially in regards to food sovereignty on the village level. Before that, they travelled and gained experience on four different continents. Lars has 15 years of experience as a large animal veterinarian, while Robyn has worked as a psychotherapist and musician. The villagers of Alunisu are born with the skills of self sufficiency in their physical surroundings and in their culture and are very willing to share their knowledge with the next generation. They take pride in and are encouraged by the interest of people from all corners of the world who come here to glean knowledge from their experience (you!). 

Course Structure:

In this 10-day course we will explore ways of interbeing as well as hands-on skills needed to run an agroecological self-sufficient farm, smallholding or homestead.  This is Provision's yearly offering for 2017.  It will be held at Provision's farm in Hazel Village (Alunisu in Romanian, Magyarokereke in Hungarian), a small community of 100 neighbors on the Eastern Edge of the small Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Romania. 

This course aims to give participants an integrated experience how to live a self sufficient life that is in balance and peace with one self, ones community and all life on Earth. The course is designed that practical, hands-on skills are learned in a framework of a community/group experience. Here is where the true WellBeing comes in: you will become more clear about the changes you wish to make yourself to have a greater connection with, and through this, a greater influence upon, the world around you.

For the teachings of practical skills we use our own experience, deeply rooted knowledge of local peasants who will also be your teachers and literature of the authors of permaculture, agroecology and self sufficiency.

For the group work, we draw from many holders of wisdom including Marshall Rosenberg who was a great teacher of NonViolent Communication and Joanna Macy who brought forth the Work that Reconnects.

The intention for this course is to have a deep and life empowering experience of self/community/village sufficiency that can radically transform our awareness of who and what we are, why we are alive and what we can do to be of greater service to all of life, while adding a wide range of hands-on skills which will assist you in your day-to-day self sufficient life.


“ This integration of hard- and soft system practical skills is a unique offering in one single course! "

What can you take with you after this 10 day course:

I. Practical Self Sufficiency Skills: The hands on agroecological peasant knowledge. In this we focus on food and shelter. You will learn how to live a life of food sovereignty and how to build an ecological structure. Among other, these are some of the skills we want to pass on to you: 

·      Gardening: basic permaculture principles, understanding of the Soil Food Web, Seed Production, planting of kitchen gardens and staple foods.

·      Animal husbandry: a holistic approach on care, housing and feeding.

·      Food preparation: Cheese, butter, yoghurt, with milk from local village cows and from our own goats; sour dough bread with our six year old home made sour dough culture.

·      Food preservation: canning, salting, smoking, drying, fermenting... We live intentionally without a refrigerator, which has toughed us how to preserve food like our grandmothers did (and our neighbors still do!). You will learn to do the same.

·      Natural building: making and working with cob and lime. We focus one entire day on these techniques, after which you will be able to build yourself a small chicken house, or your dream home for yourself, it is that simple!

·      Working with hay: scything, manually drying, building a traditional Transylvanian haystack.

·      Milking: Learn the ABC of milking: you will have possibility to milk our goats by hand and join local peasants to milk their cows (the villagers have one or two cows, which are taken to the common lands during the day and are milked in the peasants barns twice a day)

II. Soft System Skills: increased awareness about yourself, your community and the living Earth.  

·       Presence: staying with what is happening here and now

·       Emotional Intelligence: learning to become aware of and to identify and name feelings in one's self

·       Empathy: The ability to bring one's awareness and presence to feeling with another

·       Awareness of and the ability to identify needs of self and other

·       Becoming aware of our own and other's judgments and evaluations and moving toward minimizing and/or reinterpreting these

·       Moving from a competitive to cooperative mode of operation

·       Learning to work with boundaries and experience their fluidity

·       Gaining insight and empathy with the natural world and its many life forms

·       Tapping into ever greater sources of creative inspiration



We offer several, mostly shared, rooms and plenty of spots in the orchards for camping. Also the hay barn invites you for a good night of rest (above some ruminating companions). Our sanitary is basic. This means outhouse (compost toilet) and outdoor solar showers. This is challenging for some, while a real treat for others.



We serve healthy farm-style meals with, almost exclusively, local and organic products. Vegetarian is always an option (please let us know before hand if you prefer not to eat meat). Any variations to basic meat or vegetarian diet are challenging for us to cater for, so if you have a specialized diet we advise you to bring whatever you need (Alunisu no store and no ATM so please take care of your shopping  before arrival).


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We ask for a 200 euro registration donation to secure your place. This covers your food and lodging. Please write to us as soon as you know you want to participate, at that moment we will send you the banking details. For the course itself we choose to receive by donation. Please contact us for details.