Making your own snow shovel


Is it frugality or justgood use of resources? Making your own snow shovel is easy, a nice little DIY project and brings immediate satisfaction (in case snow already covers the ground). It also means that you do not have to buy a more expensive shovel from the store. In this way you save money, which therefore you do not need to earn and the created time can be directed to keeping your self-reliant life running at home. Another advantage is that you do not sponsor larger corporations which are probably behind the manufacturing and sales of the store bought shovel.

The creation of your home made shovel is not hard and can probably be done with simple materials that you have laying around somewhere; a piece of plywood, and a stick and a few nails. Find an angle that works well for you (and your back). One tip: for right handed people it is nice if the piece of plywood is a bit longer at the right side, so the scooping edge ‘cuts’ into the snow in an angle. For left handed people it should be the left side. 

Have fun with the remaining part of winter